Scott R. Van Horne

–  09/16/2019


 Scott “Scotty” Robert Van Horne passed away on September 16, 2019 in Lombard, Illinois. Scott was born on September 30, 1988 in Granite City, Illinois

Scotty loved so many things in his all, all too short life from riding his bike and exploring his neighborhood to baking peanut butter cookies and giggling as he ate them hot out of the oven. His infectious love of playing imaginary games in his backyard took him on many adventures he dreamed he would experience when he grew up and had saved his money to pay for them.

Scotty loved to swim, collect rocks, read books and even camping from a young age. He showed his dogs Stuie, Murphy, Harley and Sammy so much kindness and love, You knew they were all old souls who understood each other in a way that is hard to explain unless you saw them interacting together.

He had energy about life that just one encounter, you would remember him for life.

Early on he loved holidays. Thanksgiving weekend outings were a favorite with his family. Halloween as well was a favorite when he would dress up and wear his Halloween costume to trick or treat and count his candy when he returned home. Always sharing his loot with his sister, Heather.

Most importantly young Scotty had a deep love for his family and friends and cherished the time they would spend together, playing games and laughing with each other and enjoying family movies and dinners together.

He leaves behind a very loving but very saddened family and friends.

Scott left this world as he suffered and fought the battle against Opioids.

Now he will no longer be in pain and we will continue to celebrate the beautiful blonde boy who brought so many people joy in life.

In lieu of flowers please hug your children and grandbabies.



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